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Reflections on Holidays

Our recent trip to Australia was quite long, nearly seven weeks. I always keep a log of the places we visit and this journey was no exception. What I’m not very good at is making a note of my reaction to the cities and places I visit. I think I’m too busy doing and not analysing my feelings. Now we have been back a couple of weeks and I have downloaded all the photographs to the desktop computer I have started to ruminate about the experiences. I probably need more time to really reflect on the places we went and the people we met.  The picture is of Sydney Harbour from the Botanic Garden on Australia Day. I claimed my Australian heritage and walked around carrying an Australian Flag.13



A four-star review  on Amazon for Crucial Evidence

‘The author draws on her experience in the practice of law to create a realistically vivid portrayal of London’s legal system. The intricate detail of the various actors and roles provides a necessary solid (factual) foundation for the fictional account with the real-time, verbatim court proceedings stations the reader in the gallery of this tensely mesmerizing drama.’