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Holidays and All That

It is some months since I posted anything on this blog apart from a few photographs of my trip to Australia. I have been very busy editing my new novel The Fatal Step, with the help of my beta readers. A little way to go yet. I’ve also been working with a designer on the cover of the new book and hope to have a final version ready soon

But I have started more stories from My Life at the Bar, which I will begin posting next week.

Just to keep my readers interested here is a photograph of a Koala Bear taken at a wild life sanctuary in Tasmania.



Still on Holiday

I must get back to writing next week, but the last few weeks have been spent frittering the time away and having fun. I’ve been in Morocco for a week. What a delightful country, France with added spice, India but better food. I mention food because I did a course at L’Atelier Madada  http://www.lateliermadada.com/fr/ I  made a tagine for lunch  The trip began at La Roserai Ouirgane in the Atlas Mountains. Then a few days in Marrakech, including the souk and the Majorelle Gardens.  www.jardinmajorelle.com Then to Essaouira (has all the vowels) on the Atlantic coast.  A picture beats a thousand words so …….

Majorelle GardenAt L'Atelier Mamadada
MarrakechLa Roserai