There is no such thing as cheap justice, there is justice and injustice one is priceless and one costs everything.

This reminded me of why I was a lawyer – fighting for justice.


I recently had a conversation with a friend I had not seen or heard from for a very long time. We had been at University together and had both studied law. He had gone off and done something else.

He had heard about the recent strike and wondered what it was all about. “What’s the problem, you lot get paid loads?” After a long explanation from me he was less surprised that there were so many of us wondering what we were going to do and considering doing something else than why we weren’t all doing something already. He could not understand that so many seemingly talented, clever and committed people didn’t apply there talents elsewhere and make more money.

Yesterday, as I drove back thirty five miles from one of the “local courts” having dealt with a regular client, who shouted at me, blamed me for his initial remand…

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Born in Lancashire, Law degree from Sheffield University and MA in Creative Writing from Exeter. A barrister for twenty five years, who appeared in the Crown Courts in and around London until I retired and moved to live on Dartmoor. Married, no children but own an affable Springer Spaniel. I love reading and have written a novel called Crucial Evidence set in London Legal

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