crucial11 Whenever I am asked if I always wanted to be a writer, my immediate response is to say no. I didn’t aspire to be a writer but I did write. In my teens I wrote stories of unrequited love, variations on the Romeo and Juliet theme, and,with a friend, I invented scripts for a TV serial, loosely based on Emergency Ward 10 (for those of you who remember that.

Then life took over. A law degree at Sheffield was followed by articles with a firm of solicitors in Blackpool. After a couple of years fighting male chauvinism in Lancashire, I began my love affair with London. Still unrequited.

It wasn’t long before I wanted to change from being a solicitor advocate to being a barrister. I desperately wanted to address a jury. Some would say the best of my fiction was defending in the criminal courts, although representing the parties in divorce cases could be compared to a Barbara Cartland novel without the happy ending.

So for twenty five years I went to court on a daily basis, and I wrote jury speeches. 

I missed working after I retired, and began to think about writing a family history. Most of my immediate family have been brought up in Florida USA, and have no idea about their English ancestry. When I was young, we all lived in the same town in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire and my mother would talk about her relatives and our father’s. I thought it would be interesting for my two nieces to have a book which told the stories and myths about their English family. 

I began writing. I was bored after the first two pages and it was my family I was writing about!!! I decided I needed help and after  meeting someone at the Ways with Words Festival, who was starting an MA at Plymouth , I applied for the MA in Creative Writing at Exeter. The tutors there encouraged me to write a crime novel/ legal mystery. Crucial Evidence was published in January 2014. I hope to publish my second ‘Reluctant Consent’ this year.

I live in Devon  overlooking the Exe estuary with my husband Alan and now our second Springer Spaniel Lily.Lily


9 responses to “About”

  1. catherinelumb says :

    I’m tagging you in my post tomorrow (Mon 24th) to take up the WIP Challenge, as I’d like to find out what you’re working on now…Check it out when it goes live and pass it on.

  2. Daniel Budiarto says :

    It will be great to find out where your journey leads to. You surely have an interesting background! I wish you success in your endeavors.

  3. Thom Hickey says :

    Pleased to have found your blog. Looking forward to more reading. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.

  4. Jo Firbank says :

    Listened to your talk at the W.I. Okehampton this Friday and it was the best we’ve had. Fascinating. T
    Thanks so much. I’m going to check out your novel.

  5. Lynne McVernon says :

    Having so enjoyed your novels, I’m looking forward to learning more about your writing process and hosting you as a guest writer.

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