Beach Life

A large promotional deckchair on the Western E...

A large promotional deckchair on the Western Esplanade at Ryde, Isle of Wight, there to promote a business hiring out deckchairs to tourists for use on the beach at Ryde. For a comparison, a standard size deckchair can be seen next to it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beach Life


Wet suited surfer

rides the wild and rolling waves

toward the sandy beach


Children build sand castles

with painted bucket and spade

by waters edge


Large male in white shirt

knotted handkerchief on head

sleeps slumped in deckchair


Teenage girl in shorts

turquoise T shirt and flip flops

slowly eats ice cream


Baby on all fours

crawling fast along the beach

pursued by father.


Dressed in purple

elderly lady wrestles

with striped deckchair.


Young woman wrapped

in beach towel wriggles

to remove bathing suit.

This time of year it’s good to dream.

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Born in Lancashire, Law degree from Sheffield University and MA in Creative Writing from Exeter. A barrister for twenty five years, who appeared in the Crown Courts in and around London until I retired and moved to live on Dartmoor. Married, no children but own an affable Springer Spaniel. I love reading and have written a novel called Crucial Evidence set in London Legal

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