By the Seaside

After I posted my haiku ‘Beach Life’ I just had to go to the seaside, so I pushed trying to write the synopsis of my novel to one side and we went to Padstow in Cornwall. After the deluge over the last few months we had a clear day. The tide was very low so we walked along the beaches of the estuary towards the sea. In the distance a line of waves breaking into surf showed where the bar held the sea back. The sand is a deep gold-beige, but as we got nearer to the sea it began to shift under our feet, and our footprints made deep impressions. Rudi, even on four paws, was unhappy, afraid of being held fast by the wet sand, so we headed back into town for lunch at a Michelen listed restaurant. Mussels in a broth, followed by mackerel with beetroot and orange salad.

Padstow HarbourPadstow is on the west side of the river and the sun didn’t flood the scene with light until after lunch, when I took this photograph of the boats in the harbour.

I loved the bright colour of the hulls and the buoys.

And how lovely  to feel the sun on my face.

PS has anyone got some good

tips on how to write a synopsis

Boats in Padstow harbour

Boats in Padstow harbour

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